Flu Cases are Increasing, as We Reach the Peak of the Flu Season

Spring may be just a month away, but we are currently at the peak of the flu season, and the season doesn't appear to be fading any time soon, News Radio 1200 WAOI reports.

Lynda Okafor, a nurse practicioner with San Antonio based Clover Health, which is a Medicare Advantage provider, says the new numbers aren't good.

"Flu is on the rise," she said. "The Metro Health Department reported there was a 33% increase in positive test results for the flu, within just the last week."

She says a problem is the only two thirds of local seniors have bothered to roll up their sleeves to get flu shots. She says many don't think a shot is needed to avoid the flu, and others are concerned about past years when the flu shot didn't fight the strain of the flu that was prevalent at the time, which is not the case this season.

Okafor says we're at ground zero of the flu this season.

"As far as Texas goes, we are in the top four, as far as having the highest level of flu activity," she said.

She says even though we are now in the last part of February, it is far from too late to get a flu shot. She says there is no indication that flu activity is fading. Frequently, the flu season isn't fully over until early May.

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