Injured Scooter Rider Files Lawsuit in Austin, is San Antonio Next?

A potential game-changer as San Antonio attempts to deal with the explosion of 'scooter mania' on city streets, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Austin attorney Brad Bonilla has fired a class action lawsuit against the scooter company Lime, which is also a major player in San Antonio, on behalf of a rider who suffered a broken arm on a ride scooter in Austin.

Bonilla says the City of Austin, which means the taxpayers, also have some exposure in the case.

"The City of Austin knows these injuries are happening and they are doing nothing," he said. "They are turning a blind eye to the problem. They are happy to see people in Austin continue to get hurt. They really have the power to stop this from happening."

San Antonio city officials say nearly 100 people have been injured on scooters in San Antonio since the scooters began appearing on city streets last summer. It is not known how many of these San Antonio accidents involve Lime scooters, which is one of the city's major scooter operators.

"Oddly enough, this is the first clear cut instance where we are asserting a complaint directly against Lime," Bonilla said.

During a hearing last week designed to come up with new scooter regulations, several members of City Council related how their constiuents dislike the proliferation of scooters downtown, with many warning that the scooters pose a safety threat.

San Antonio agreed to freeze the number of scooters authorized to be on city streets at roughly 12,000, but later this week, the ride hailing firm Lyft will announce it is offering electric scooters in San Antonio.

PHOTO: A Lime scooters in a San Antonio street.

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