UPDATED: City Responds to Firefighters Union

Update: The City of San Antonio this afternoon responded to the letter sent to Mayor Nirenberg by the Firefighters Union:

The Firefighters Union appears to have once again resorted to sending acerbic letters and hastily calling news conferences before the city can review the correspondence. I cannot see how that approach is conducive to anything remotely productive. Please note that future correspondence needs to be communicated through council and the agreed upon channels.

Binding arbitration is a tool available under Proposition C. It makes sense that this needs to be discussed and addressed if arbitration is a path that will be followed.

The Mayor and the City realize that Proposition C is an available alternative if the parties reach impasse.


Original article:

Just two weeks after the start of long delayed negotiations with the City of San Antonio, the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association today requested clarification from the city on one of the propositions pushed by the union which were approved by voters last year, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Chief union negotiator Ricky Poole said he has written to Mayor Nirenberg seeking clarification on a statement made by city officials indicating that Proposition C may not be applicable to these talks.

Poole said the union hopes that Prop C, which allows firefighters to throw the talks into binding arbitration if an impasse is reached does not have to be invoked, but he says the City should realize that it is the law and should be respected.

Poole hinted that a failure by the city to honor Prop C could trigger another lengthy court battle between the city abd the union.

The two sides resumed contract talks last month after four years of very public bickering and a lawsuit by the city against the union that ended up being dismissed.

1200 WOAI

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