Compromise Would Result in Fewer Billboards on San Antonio Highways

Your commute may soon look a lot different. There may be fewer billboards along the highway, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The City and Clear Channel Outdoor are floating a proposal to remove nearly 300 billboards from along San Antonio area roads, in exchange for permission to put up more of the new electronic billboards which flash different messages, using animation and more colorful presentations.

Clear Channel Outdoor's Tim Anderson says that is a good deal for his company, because digital billboards offer more flexibility.

"Those who want to be dynamic, like those who want to, for example, show prices in the morning,s these are the ones who are looking for digital billboards.

He says digital billboards also have an advantage that traditional paper billboards don't; they can be used to flash emergency messages like hurricane and AMBER Alerts.

"This would have been very valuable a couple of years ago, when the hurricane was possibly coming through San Antonio."

the removal of 297 highway signs would also beautify the city, as commuters and visitors alike say the looming billboards around every corner damage the appearence of San Antonio.

Anderson says permission to install eleven new digital billbards in exchange for losing 297 traditional billboards is a good compromise.

"this is going to give us the ability to enhance what we already do, serving the public, and enhancing the commercial interests of San Antonio."

The agreement, which still has to be approved by City Council, would not cover billboards on a company's private property. Under a compromise reached when digital billboard first made their appearence in the last decade, companies have the unfettered right to erect digital billboards on their own property.

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