Bill Would Mandate Alamo Cenotaph Not Be Moved

A bill introduced today in the Texas Legislature would forbid any effort to move the 1930s era Cenotaph as part of the $300 million redesign of Alamo Plaza, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The bill, introduced by State Rep. Kyle Biedermann(R-Fredericksburg) says the Cenotaph is the empty tomb of the Alamo defenders, and allowing it to be removed from Alamo Plaza would represent a disservice to their memory.

Biedermann says the State of Texas was shaped by the sacrifice of the defenders,and Texans from around the state have said loud and clear that the Cenotaph should not be moved.

The Master Plan calls for the Cenotaph to be moved about fifty yards south of where it now stands, near the Menger Hotel. After an outcry, a previous effort to move it to the banks of the San Antonio River across from the Convention Center was scrapped.

Thee centerpiece of the long-planned renovation of the Plaza calls for the original grounds of the Alamo Mission to be recreated as closely as possible, so visitors can get a feeling for where the 1836 battle was fought, complete with closing Alamo and Houston Streets to enlarge the Plaza. Obviously, a sculpture that dates from a century after the battle does not fit into that design concept.

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