San Antonio Gas Prices are the Lowest in Texas

When it comes to gas prices in San Antonio, there is good news and there's bad news, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The bad news is that the fall in gas prices which began last autumn appears to have plateaued, with San Antonio prices today averaging $1.92, exactly the same as last week.

But the good news is that prices have not yet begun to climb, which usually happens in mid February due to scheduled refinery maintenance, and the fact that refineries are transitioning their production to cleaner summer blend gasoline that is required by the EPA.

AAA Texas says several factors are holding gas prices down. Among them, the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil is holding steady in the low to mid $50 range. continued frigid weather in the north is also holding down demand for gasoline, which means stocks in storage are up over last week, which is uncommon for this time of year.

There is currently a surplus of gasoline in stock of 124 million barrels.

More good news...gas prices in San Antonio today are the lowest in Texas, and among the lowest in the US.

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