Local Women Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags Into Blankets for Homeless

by Morgan Montalvo


Two local women are promoting an environmentally responsible way to help San Antonio's homeless population stay warm, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Teresa Garcia and Evelyn Alvarez on Friday are hosting a "Labor of Love" public quilting party at Garcia's company, Food Safety Direct, to make blankets from unwanted plastic grocery bags. Garcia says the bags, once woven tightly together, form a durable, water-resistant and, above all, warm, covering for the homeless, who most often sleep outside.

"For years I've been trying to find the cause that I most feel compelled to take on," Garcia tells News Radio 1200 WOAI. "and this is definitely one that touched my heart, because I see a lot of homeless people."

Garica says Alvarez mentioned the idea after hearing it discussed at a church service, and the two decided to make the project their own, as well as generate interest among the community.

Their goal for the coming months is 100 blankets for distribution locally, an accomplishment they say is attainable with some help from local volunteers. The "Labor of Love" event is the result of their plans, Garcia says.

According to Alvarez, it takes one person about four hours to make a large blanket using oversize crochet tools available at craft and sewing stores.

"If we could get a group of people together, we could do so much more," Garcia says.

Friday's two-hour "Labor of Love" blanket making event starts at 4 p.m. at Food Safety Direct, 3603 Fredericksburg Rd.

Garicia says anyone interested in helping can register via www.eventbrite.com, or just drop by.

PHOTO: San Antonians Teresa Garcia and Evelyn Alvarez make blankets from unwanted plastic grocery bags for distribution to the local homeless population. The women are hosting a free blanket-making workshop from 4-6 p.m. Friday at Food Safety Direct on Fredericksburg Road. Photo courtesy of Teresa Garcia

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