Bank Teller With Her Hand in the Till Going to Federal Prison

It turns out that a teller at the First Commerce Bank of Jourdanton had her hand in the till big time, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Jennifer Trevino, 31, of Poteet has been sentenced to more than five years in federal prison for stealing more than $800,000 from the bank.

Prosecutors say Trevino would pose as bank clients and order transfers of their money into accounts at the bank that she controlled.

“An important mission of federal law enforcement is to protect the integrity of the banking system. This sentence reflects our commitment to keeping that system secure,” stated U.S. Attorney John Bash.

Trevino pled guilty to bank fraud and to aggravated identity theft, for posing as the bank customers to transfer their money into her accounts. The feds also nailed Trevino on an 'Al Capone' count, charging her with failing to pay taxes on the money she stole from the bank.

"The sentencing of Jennifer Trevino should alert others thinking about participating in fraudulent schemes, such as bank fraud, aggravated identity theft and failing to report all forms of income that they should stop in their tracks and simply look at the consequences of taking the next step,” said Acting Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Ramsey Covington, Houston Field Office. “Those consequences will include going to prison, being branded a convicted felon for the rest of their lives, and paying back all the taxes owed plus steep penalties and interest."

After she serves her sentence, Trevino will be writing checks to the U.S. government for the rest of her life. She'll have to repay the money she stole from the bank, as well as pay $187,000 in back taxes, penalties, and interest to the Internal Revenue Service.

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