UPDATE: Officer Who Was Shot This Morning Released from the Hospital

A San Antonio Police Officer was shot early today as he was pursuing a car theft suspect down a hallway at the Chroma Apartments in the 5000 block of Hamilton Wolfe in the Medical Center, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police Chief Bill McManus says the officer, a rookie with just one year on the force, was on the lookout for a vehicle that had been stolen over the weekend when he noticed what appeared to be the stolen car with a stolen license plate attached to it.

McManus says when the officer attempted to pull over the suspect, he instead crashed through the gates of the apartment complex, as the officer pursued him through the parking lot.

The suspect then jumped out of the car and ran down a hallway with the officer in hot pursuit.

"He hid behind a wall," McManus says. "When the officer hit the end of the corridor, he shot the officer in the upper chest, the shoulder. Despite being shot, the officer returned fire, and struck the suspect, I believe, twice."

McManus praised the officer for his courage in staying guard over the suspect despite bleeding from a gunshot wound.

"The officer did a fantastic job, it very nearly cost him his life," he said. "And if anybody is wondering, the officer was wearing body armor."

The officer was listed in stable condition at University Hospital, where police have gathered to support him. The suspect is also at University Hosptial and is in critical condition.

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