WATCH: President Trump holds rally in El Paso


President Trump is insisting that a massive border wall is being built and must be finished. During a rally in Texas tonight, Trump again accused Democrats of favoring open borders. He said illegal immigration hurts all Americans. Trump said progress is being made in congressional budget negotiations but did not address a tentative deal to avert another partial government shutdown. One quarter of the federal government runs out of money at week's end and bipartisan negotiations have intensified on Capitol Hill in the past few days. 

Trump has been demanding nearly 6-billion dollars for a wall but it appears that he will not be offered nearly that much. Meantime, Trump again insisted that a big border fence has greatly reduced crime in El Paso. El Paso officials have loudly disagreed with Trump's claim and the President said they are "full of crap." Trump argued that a border wall will stop illicit drugs, human traffickers and violent criminals.


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