City This Week to Crack Down on Free-Standing Massage Parlors

San Antonio Police have had it up to here with so-called 'massage parlors' which officers say are frequently fronts for prostitution and sex trafficking, so this week, City Council will approve tough new restrictopm on free standing massage businesses, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Under the proposal, all massage parlors will be required to be closed between 10PM and 8AM. In addition, all employees will have to be licensed by the state and will be required to display their licenses, much as barbers and beauticians do now.

In addition, no doors can be locked at any time a massage parlor is open, and no metal doors can be installed. All message parlors will be designated as 'public places.'

"There is a growing threat of human trafficking at illegal massage establishments; and there has been an increase in investigations of prostitution activity at illegal massage establishments; and there is a growing use of unlicensed and/or undocumented therapists at illegal massage establishments," the proposed ordinance reads.

No massage parlor can operate in a building which is connected to another business or a residence. In addition, massage parlors cannot be used for residential purposes.

The new regulations will not apply to chiropractors or physical therapists, or to a spa which is part of a hotel or resort, which are already regulated.

Even the slightest violation of the rules could result in a permit being yanked, and fines being levied against the establishment.

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