S.A. Seniors Getting Frisky as Valentine's Day Approaches

Guess who in San Antonio is hooking up on 'Tinder' and other dating apps this Valentine's Day?

1200 WOAI news reports a survey by the San Antonio based Medicare Advantage provider Clover Health reveals that one in five San Antonians over the age of 60 has used used dating apps, more than the national average among seniors.

The survey shows when you just counT seniors who live in the city limits, nearly one in four has swiped right, while those who live in the suburbs are more bashful, with only 18% jumping onto dating apps.

When you count San Antonio seniors who still work fully 34% have used dating apps or websites, compared with only 15% who have retired.

Researchers praise the increasing social and sexual activity of the over sixty crowd.

“It’s important for older adults to seek ways to connect with others in the community to ensure their ongoing health and well-being,” said Kumar Dharmarajan, MD, Chief Scientific Officer, Clover Health. “It’s great to see that nearly a quarter of San Antonio adults over 60 have tried dating apps or websites as a way to meet other seniors. Just remember to be cautious and use good judgment when talking to and meeting anyone from the internet.”

Clover points out that just because you're over 60 doesn't mean you're immune from STDs, so people of all agens should take care when dealing with people they meet over dating and 'hook up' apps.


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