San Antonio Giving Pro Football Another Shot

While Super Bowl LIII was considered a snoozefest, and the game drew disappointing ratings, but a fledgling league is hoping to tap into that football fandom with games that start this weekend in the Alamodome, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Alliance of American Football is hoping to fill the gap for fans of the NFL, who are left with nothing to watch until the league starts up again, seven months from today. And while other leagues in San Antonio have crashed and burned, UTSA Marketing Professor David Bojanic says this one has a shot.

He says the timing is key, but San Antonio is uniquely positioned because of a lack of other sports like baseball or major league soccer.

"There is a little more pent up demand for people who want to get season tickets or sponsors who want a little less expensive alternative to the major leagues," he says.

And San Antonio's team, the Commanders, seem to be front-and-center as the league gets underway. Eight of their ten games will be televised on either CBS, their sports network or the NFL Network.

Unlike other leagues that have come to San Antonio, the AAF is truly positioning themselves as a minor league affiliate of the NFL, and Bojanic says that could work to their advantage.

"You're really trying to draw that same crowd that goes to UTSA football that are not Alumni. They are just people who want to see a good football game."

But even with the timing and the positioning, he says the AAF is far from a sure thing.

"If history repeats itself it is going to be tough haul for this league. Hopefully, with the changes they have made to make it more user-friendly and entertaining, they can overcome some of those deficiencies.

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