3,000 Local Students are Out of School for Job Shadow Day

Some 3,000 high school students are not in class today, but, don't worry, it's all for a good reason.

Today is the fourth annual Job Shadow Day, sponsored by the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, where high school students spend the entire day at an office or on a shop floor.

Bill Phillips is with University Health System, one of roughly 100 participating employers.

"To actually to get into job areas, to get the behind the scenes look and feel of what work actually is about," he said.

Melody Woosley with the City of San Antonio, another participating employer, says the program lets kids see the real job world.

"They will make a connection to a local employer that may one day hire them, and will have a deeper knowledge of the wide array of employment opportunities there are in San Antoio," she said.

The event usually takes place on February 2, Ground HOg Day (sees his shadow, get it!) but since Ground Hog Day was on a Satutrday this year, they chose today.

The EDF is sponsoring the event to teach young people that good jobs in desirable fields are available here, and they don't hhave to move to get the job of their dreams in pretty much any field they want. It also will help acquaint students about the specific courses and training they need to get a job. Finding skilled workers, more and more, is becoming the major challenge facing local employers.

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