Its Time to Move the Rodeo Dirt into the AT&T Center

Today's the day the AT&T Center gets really dirty, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

70 truckloads of soil, 2160 tons worth, will be trucked into the Home of the Spurs from a field in Atascosa County where it it stored, and will be spread in the building to get ready for the state of the Stock Show and Rodeo.

And this isn't any old dirt. This soil is approved by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and is specifically used only for the Stock Show and Rodeo. The same soil has been used for the rodeo for more than thirty years.

The soil has to be spread to a depth of 10 to 12 incheas throughout, and it has to be specially 'chisled' before every performance.

Sand and other materials are added to the soil to maximize the safety and performance of the horses and other 'animal athletes.'

The arrival fo the dirt, of course, signals the state of the annual Spurs Rodeo Road Trip. The Spurs play the next eight games on the road, and will not return to the AT&T Center until February 27th.

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