Nearly Two Dozen Stolen Vehicles Found in South Side Raid

Nearly two dozen stolen vehicles were recovered and two people were arrested late Saturday as deputies raided a home on Higdon Rd, which is near Loop 410 and US 281 in south Bexar County, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Deputies said complaints by nearby residents led to an investigation, and Bexar Count Deputies and SWAT units moved in last night and found what is known as a 'chop shop,' where stolen cars are dismantled to sell their parts.. Car parts, which, unlike the entire vehicle are not easy to trace, are frequently easier to sell that the assembled vehicle.

Deputies said stolen parts are frequently sold on line or through social media.

Deputies said stolen vehicles ranging from pickups to sedans to SUVs were recovered at the location.. 19 vehicles in all were found, valued in excess of $150,000.

A fly over by the SAPD 'Eagle' helicopter revealed several stripped vehicles in a field behind the home. One was an F-250 pickup that was reported stolen just a few days ago.

Two women who were found the scene were arrested to warrants relating to other crimes, and they are held while the investigation is underway.

Several people who deputies said live at the home were being questioned.

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