Sheriff Releases Full Report on Anaqua Springs Triple Shooting

The full report on last month's triple shooting inside a million dollar upscale Anaqua Springs Ranch home, released to 1200 WOAI news, details the grisly scene where Nichol Olsen and two of her children were found shot to death.

"When I arrived at the scene, I found Charles Edward Wheeler on the ground crying (no tears visible)" the first deputy on the scene wrote.

He said he entered the house through the open garage door and found the body of one of the girls (the name is redacted in the report, so it is not clear which of the victims is being referenced) with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head and a pool of blood on the floor."

"Nicol Olsen was laying a few feet to the left of (redacted) on her left side with what appeared to be a gunshot wound"

The body of the other girl was found nearby, also dead from a gunshot wound.

"All three bodies were rigid and cold to the touch."

Wheeler told deputies he and Nichol had gotten into an argument the night before, and he left and spent the night at (location redacted).

"Wheeler stated that he had been calling and texting Nichol and the girls all night and got no answer.

"He stated that he returned this morning, parked his truck in the garage and went upstairs and found them deceased, and that is when he called (redacted)," the report concludes.

The Medical Examiner has ruled the deaths a double murder suicide.

The Sheriff also released a report of an event in 2014 when Olsen was accused of attacking a man she had recently broken up with after learning that he was having a relationship with another woman.. It is unclear if that incident is in any way related to the Anaqua Springs tragedy,

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