Suspect Shoots at Bexar Deputies, Kills Police Dog During Chase

A suspect fired several shots at Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies and shot and killed a police dog at the end of a wild police chase late Friday night that wound from Karnes County to far northwest Bexar County, News Radio 1200  WOAI reports.

"The Karnes City Police Department attempted to stop this suspect, approximately 38 years of age, who is known to be wanted," Sheriff Javier Salazar said in a briefing early Saturday morning.

Salazar said as the pursuit headed north out of Karnes City, the suspect began to fire out of the window of his car at State Troopers, who were then involved in the chase.

The chase moved up US 181 to I-37 to 1604, ending near Alamo Ranch.

"Several times during this pursuit, the suspect was firing shots at Troopers and Deputies who were behind him," Salazar said.

Near 1604 and 151 Salazar says the suspect stopped and attempted to engage the army of officers who by then were involved in trying to apprehend this clearly very dangerous suspect.

"He abandoned his vehicle, leaving it in gear, and he did fire one shot at deputies as he was walking along the road."

Salazar said as the suspect walked down the highway he was 'firing wildly, alternatively pointing the gun at officers, at the DPS helicopter, and at his own head.'

"At a certain point, the decision was made to deploy a K-9' a five year old K-9 named Chucky.. Chucky did get a bite on the suspect, but the suspect fired several shots, and Chucky was hit and, unfortunately, Chucky died at the scene."

Deputies and Troopers then fired several shots at the suspect, striking him several times.

The suspect was rushed to the hospital there he was listed in critical condition.

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of Chucky," the Sheriff's Department said in a statement.  "Our hearts are with his handler and his family at this time."

Salazar said the suspect is 'facing a variety of charges.'

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