Routine Leon Valley Traffic Stop Turns into a Wild Police Chase

What Leon Valley Police thought would be a routine traffic stop about midnight turned into a wild chase which covered several miles, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Instad of stopping, the driver of the car floored it and headed south on Bandera to Callaghan and then to Culebra Rd.

At Culebra and Elmendorf, in the heart of the west side, the driver skidded and crashed.  The driver was arrested, but two passengers, a man and a woman, ran off.

They threw something into Alazan Creek as they tried to escape from police.

A Police Helicopter then spotted them and both were arrested.  No word yet on what charges they will face, or what they threw into the creek.  

The woman was treated at the hospital for injuries suffered in the crash.

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