'School Choice' Advocates to Rally TODAY at State Capitol

by Morgan Montalvo


Supporters of school choice today are gathering in Austin to  promote a wide range of educational options, News Radio 1200 WOAI  reports.

Randan Steinhauser with the group Ed Choice says this is the ninth  time school choice advocates have met on the steps of the State Capitol.  The gatherings, she says, coincide with the biennial opening of the  Texas Legislature.

"We have a broad and diverse coalition here in Texas," Steinhauser  says."We have home school families, charter school students, families  that go to private education, as well as our friends in the traditional  public schools.

"We recognize that, for many families, a traditional public school  is the right fit. We also recognize that, for a lot of families, they  want additional options," she says.

Steinhauser says the aim of Ed Choice is to ensure that parents  have the final say as to the type of education their children receive.

On Monday Gov. Abbott, an enthusiastic supporter of charter and home schooling, declared Jan. 20-26 Texas School Choice Week.

Steinhauser says about 2,500 people attended the 2017  Ed Choice assembly on the State Capitol steps. 

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