FBI to Join Investigation into Anaqua Springs Triple Killing

The FBI, at the request of Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, is joining the probe into the shooting deaths of Nichol Olsen and her two daughters, News Radio 1200 WOAI has learned.

Nichol was found shot to death in a million dollar home in the gated Anaqua Springs Ranch neighborhood in northwest Bexar County earlier this month. Nearby, were the bodies of her daughters London, 10 and Alexa, 16, also killed by gunfire. The Medical Examiner has ruled that Nichol's death was a suicide and the deaths of the two girls was homicide. But Sheriff's detectives have not said, for example, if they think Nichol killed the girls or if they were shot to death by somebody else.

Deputies have listed Nichol's boyfriend, who owns the home, as a 'person of interest' but not as a suspect, and say he is cooperating with investigators.

Investigators have also made bizarre comments, like 'the boyfriend slept outside the house' the night before the he found the three bodies, without explaining what that means.

Several people who knew Nichol well describe her as a person who would 'never hurt her children,'

Salazar said the FBI will contribute 'technical and investigative assistance.'

"It is always better to have more tools at our disposal and more eyes on any case," he said.

The FBI also this month entered the case of the disappearance of eight month old King Jay Davila, working with San Antonio Police to find the toddler's body, and arrest three members of King Jay's family.

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