Medical Examiner:Two Girls Were Murdered, Mom Killed Self

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said today the deaths of 16 year old Clark High School sophomore Alexa Montez and a 10 year old girl who were found dead in a million dollar home in Anaqua Springs Ranch outside of Boerne last week were murder victims, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.  

Nichol Olson...the mother of one of the dead girls...was also found shot to death.

"With regard to Nichol Olson, the Medical Examiner in this point in the investigation has ruled that death a suicide," Salazar said.  He said he is 'not ready to day' that Olson killed the two girls.

But Salazar says the investigation is far from over.  He says detectives are looking at gunshot residue on the bodies of the three females, as well as social media postings, and even cell phone tower records, to see who may have sent or received calls or text messages early Thursday when the bodies were found.

"To a pretty good extent, we can tell where that phone was located when that message was what cell phone tower that message bounced off of," he said.

He says he wants to learn 'the whereabouts of certain persons at the time when we believe that incident occurred.'

Salazar said the Medical Examiner's report is 'independent of his investigation.

"They are also looking at toxicology, to see what substances, if any, were within the bodies of the three women who were victims in this case.

"He said he also wants members of the public to continue to provide his detectives with information, and he thanked friends of the victims for coming forward with information from the beginning of the investigation.

"I was connected to friends of friends of Nichol Olson by social media."

He says he is clearly in the early stages of the investigation, but what appears to have happened is something that it is difficult for many people to understand.

"People think that a mom killing herself and two young girls is a heartbreaking scenario."

A man described as 'in a dating relationship' with Olson found the bodies at the home and notified authorities.  Salazar says he is cooperating with investigators.

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