City Climate Action Goals to be Recognized by United Nations

Mayor Nirenberg will be recognized by the United Nations for the city's effort to continue the battle against climate change, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

City Hall says Michael Bloomberg, the former New York Mayor and United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action will visit the city and will make a "special announcement on San Antonio’s ambitious efforts to combat climate change and ensure healthier communities and a stronger, more equitable economy for all City residents."

One of Nirenberg's first actions after being elected Mayor in May of 2017 was the pledge that San Antonio will continue to pursue the Paris Accords on Climate Change, which President Trump had recently withdrawn the United States from.

The City hired a Sustainability Officer, and included climate action as part of its 'equity plan,' covering budgeting and city policies and priorities.

Sustainability Officer Doug Melnick has held several sessions with community groups to encourage voluntary public participation with the city's climate action goals, which were released in late 2017.

The warns that without action, already dry and hot south Texas will become essentially unlivable in the next century, with nearly 100 days in excess of 100 degrees expected, as well as more frequent and more serious droughts.

Goals have included everything from encouraging more tree planting and tree maintenance to cutting down on vehicle emissions through greater use of alternative fuel vehicles and mass transit. 

 The goal is to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050.

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