'Bird Box Challenge' Driving People to Emergency Rooms

Just when you thought people were too smart to be dragged around by the nose by social media, along comes the Bird Box Challenge, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

This latest social media fad is tied to the popular Sandra Bullock Netflix movie, where people have to wear blindfolds whenever they are outside to protect themselves against an unseen evil force which enters their brains through their eyes and tells them to kill themselves.

Dr. Casey Taber, a surgeon at TSAOG Orthopaedics in San Antonio, says in the 'Bird Box Challenge,' people are urged to wear blindfolds when doing everyday things, from cleaning the house to making dinner to driving a car, and post videos of their experience.

He says not surprisingly, this has led participants to show up in his emergency room.

"What we'll see is a lot of ankle sprains and wrist sprains, but there have also been ankle fractures," he said.

Netflix and Bullock have even gone so far as to urge people to enjoy the movie, and not be duped by Internet pressure into participating in a dangerous and stupid activity.

"They'll twist their ankle because they step off the curb, or doing something where, if you use your eyesight like you should, you won't have these types of injuries," Dr. Taber said.

He says there have also been cases where people participating in this social media stunt have hurt innocent people while blindfolded.

We asked what people should do if they feel like participating in the 'challenge.'

"Blindfold yourself from social media and participate in real life," he suggested.  "Real life looks pretty nice with your eyes wide open."


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