FBI Enters Case of Missing Eight Month Old Boy

Missing baby

The FBI has now joined the investigation into the disappearance of eight month old king Jay Davila, who was allegedly kidnapped by a woman during what Police Chief William McManus says was a 'set up' on the west side Friday night, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"It is even more appreciated that these agents are volunteering their time and expertise to help us find King, despite them not being paid during the current government shutdown," McManus said of the FBI's effort.

McManus says the boy's biological father, Christopher Davila, drove up to a building on Enrique Barrera Pkwy Friday night, and walked inside, leaving the motor running, the door open, and the baby strapped in his carseat.

Almost immediately, surveillance video shows a woman walking up to the car, getting in and driving away with the baby.

The car was found nearby, but the keys, the car seat and the baby remain missing. McManus said Davila's story didn't add up, and he has been charged with endangering a child.


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