Police look for missing 8-month-old, release video of woman taking car

The search continues for a missing child who was inside a car that was taken from a gas station on Friday night. 

San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus says the father of eight month old King Jay Davila stopped in a parking lot on Enrique Barrera, with the infant in a car seat, walked into a building, leaving the door open, the motor running, and the child still strapped in the car seat.

"A woman walked up the sidewalk, circled the car, jumped into the driver's seat and took off, with the baby still in the car," he said.

The car was found abandoned several blocks away with the keys, the car seat, and the little boy missing.

Police announced late on Saturday that the FBI had been brought in to assist in the investigation.

Police have told reporters they have many questions about this case and believe the father may know more about the case than he may know who took the child.

Police released a video of the woman taking the car and are asking for anyone with information to call 911.

Police release video of woman taking car

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