Infant Ibuprofen Sold At Walmart, CVS, And Dollar Tree Recalled

infant ibuprofen

infant ibuprofen

A pharmaceutical company is recalling three brands of infant ibuprofen that are being sold at Walmart, CVS, and Dollar Tree because they could contain more ibuprofen than the amount that is stated on the label. Tris Pharma Inc. announced the voluntary recall of the drugs, sold under the brand names Family Wellness, Equate, and CVS Health.

The company said that while they have not received any reports of children getting sick as a result of taking the drugs, there is a "remote possibility" that certain kids could suffer permanent kidney damage. In most cases, infants who are given too much ibuprofen can suffer from "nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, or more rarely, diarrhea."

The company said that parents should seek medical attention if their children develop any of those symptoms after taking the drugs. 

Photo: Tris Pharma Inc.