Teacher, Student in UTSA Incident Apologize to Each Other

They kissed and made up last night at UTSA, with the student who was involved in that incident that led to comments nationwide saying on social media that she and the professor who called the police to escort her out of class have 'apologized to each other," News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"My professor apologized to me for her classroom reaction, and I apologized to her if my behavior appeared to be disruptive, unprofessional, or uncivil as a student," the student, whose name has not been released, wrote.  "I am eager to move forward and put this behind me."

The professor, identified as biology lecturer Anita Moss, called the police on Monday after the student put her feet on the back of the chair in front of her during a large auditorium-style class.  Moss responded by calling campus police to escort the student out of class, and the entire event was videoed in a video which has been seen nationwide.Because the student is African American, and there have been numerous high profile incidents lately of police being called because an African American is doing a normal thing, from sitting in a Starbucks to, in one high profile case in Iowa, campaigning for a Republican candidate, the conclusion was reached that the student was being punished because she is Black.

In her post, she seeks to put that to rest.

"Throughout these investigations, I have been repeatedly asked whether I believe the incident on Monday was based on racism," she wrote.  "My answer is no.  However, the investigators have confirmed that the professor has struggled with misidentifying me with other students."

She says she would like to participate in research into how students from 'underrrepresented groups' are treated at UTSA, a study that President Taylor Eighmy supports.

Students who say they were in the class tell News Radio 1200 WOAI that there had been a 'history' between the student and the lecturer, and when she put her feet on the desk, the lecturer took it as a 'personal insult.' 


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