Judge Denies Ortiz Jones Request for More Time to Count Ballots

Congressional candidate Gina Ortiz Jones says she will ask a judge to push back tonight's deadline to 'cure' provisionally-cast ballots, as she continues to fight to overcome a roughly 700 vote deficit to Republican Will Hurd in the 23rd district Congressional race, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"This is an effort to make sure that every vote is counted," she said.

'Provisional ballots,' are generally those that are cast by people who don't have the legal photo i.d. needed to vote.  Those people are then given a week to present that information to the Elections Administrator, who will then certify their ballot.

Jones says she will not stop fighting until all provisional, military, and other legal ballots are included in the final count.

Ortiz Jones says she will also seek to have provisional ballots counted in several other counties in the sprawling district, which stretches to El Paso County.

She says she doesn't know how many provisional ballots are still out there, and whether there are enough to potentially push her into the lead.  She says she is also taking legal steps to obtain that information.

She also thanked her supporters for putting up with the 'roller coaster' that the campaign, plus the last week, have been.

"We are going to make sure that every voice is heard and every ballot is counted," she said.  "It is important to make sure that every voter is treated equally."

She called on people who cast provisional ballots in her race to make sure their provisional ballot is 'cured' and counted.



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