Beto is Invited to Iowa

Iowa will hold the first nomination event for the 2020 Presidential election in just over 14 months, and guess  has been invited to Iowa by Hawkeye State Democrats.  None other then Beto O'Rourke.

The Des Moines Register reports the unsuccessful U.S. Senate candidate from Texas has been invited by the Polk County Democratic Party to visit the state.  Iowa traditionally holds its nomination caucus in late January, and it has become the first true test of Presidential status.

The invitation comes as a new survey of Democrats nationwide shows that O'Rourke ranks third among Democrats in the list of their favorites for the 2020 Presidential nomination, behind Joe Biden at number one, and Bernie Sanders at number two.

Several commentators have labeled O'Rourke, who's energy and progressive values clearly animated Texas Democrats, as a likely Presidential candidate in 2020, although O'Rourke has not stated what his future political intentions are.



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