San Antonio's 'Camry Cruisin' Bank Robber Enters Guilty Plea

One of the city's most prolific bank robbers has seen his career in crime end right where most bank robbers end up, in a federal courthouse awaiting a lengthy prison term, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Dennis Stephen, 42, was dubbed the 'Camry Cruisin' bandit due to his use of the Toyota sedan to make his getaway.

Stephen stuck up eight banks in San Antonio between the summer of 2013 and this past July, always wearing the same disguise, including a surgical mask over his face, rubber surgical gloves on his hands, sunglasses, and a UTSA cap pulled down over his head.

Stephen stuck up the same bank, a Frost Bank branch on Loop 1604, three times during his five year crime spree.

In total, the feds say he made off with nearly a half million bucks.

Stephen entered a guilty plea before a federal magistrate, and is set for sentencing in March.  He could get 20 years, and be required to pay back all that money.


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