Demonstrators Demand Probe into Naming of Whitaker as Acting Attny General

by Morgan Montalvo


Local  activists last evening chose Travis Park as the site for a protest  against President Trump’s choice for acting U.S. Attorney General  following the forced departure of Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions, WOAI News  reports. 

Organizers  of the “Nobody is Above the Law” demonstration say Trump’s choice of  Matthew Whitaker – a known critic of the Robert Mueller probe into  possible collusion with Russia by members of the 2016 Trump Campaign –  is aimed at derailing the investigation. 

About  250 people attended Thursday’s rally. 

Activist Trish Florence  with SATX Indivisible says the local gathering was one of a series of  events scheduled across the country. 

“We’re  asking that Whitaker recuse himself based on statements he’s made in  the past about the investigation, calling it a witch hunt and also  saying that the easiest way to kill it is to not fund it,” Florence  said. 

Whitaker’s  appointment almost immediately drew sharp criticism and media  commentary from numerous legal scholars, who say Trump’s decision is  illegal and possibly unconstitutional. 

Retired Presbyterian pastor Tom Heger says Whitaker is a Trump “lackey,” chosen specifically to shut down the Mueller probe. 

“He appointed him to do just one thing: it’s to be the loyal attorney general that Jeff Sessions would never be,” said Heger. 

The crowd also called on Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to launch hearings into Whitaker’s appointment.

PHOTO: Protesters who oppose Pres. Trump's choice  to replace ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions met in Travis Park  Thursday evening to demand that Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz launch  a hearing into the appointment. Acting Atty. Gen. Matthew Whitaker has openly criticized the Robert Mueller probe  into possible collusion between Russia and members of the 2016 Trump  Campaign. Photo by Morgan Montalvo


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