City Responds to Brockhouse's Call for City Manager's Resignation

The City of San Antonio is rejecting a call by Councilman Greg Brockhouse for City Manager Sheryl Sculley to step down in the wake of the approval of that Charter Amendment challenging her pay and tenure, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Brockhouse, who was the only member of Council to support the three amendment proposed by the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association.  Two of them passed, including a measure to restrict the pay of future city managers to no more than ten times the pay of the lowest paid City employee, and limits the next manager's tenure to eight years, which is the term limit of a member of council.

Late Thursday, city spokesman Jeff Coyle reponded:

"If there's a discussion, then it will be between the Mayor & City Council and the City Manager," he said.  "There is no reason for her to step down because one Councilman, who has been consistently critical of her, calls for her resignation.  This is nothing new, the fire union has made her their target for several years."I

n his news conference at the Fire Union hall, Brockhouse also said the vote in support of two of the three measures was a vote of 'no confidence' in Mayor Nirenberg, although he did not call for the mayor's resignation.

Brockhouse is widely seen as a candidate for mayor in next year's municipal elections.


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