No Rest For Local Democrats, Republicans, as Election Day 2018 Dawns

by Morgan Montalvo


It’s  Midterm Elections Day 2018 and the two major political parties in Bexar  County are leaving nothing to chance, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports. 

Republican and Democrats alike spent last night working phone banks and finalizing Election Day get-out-the-vote strategies. 

Democrat  Mike Collier, who hopes to unseat incumbent Lt. Governor Dan Patrick,  is in San Antonio today greeting voters at Big Country Elementary School  on Pue Road on the far west side, in company with fellow Democrat  candidates Joseph Kopser, Steve Kling and Celina Montoya. 

Kopser  is running for the Dist. 21 Congressional seat long occupied by  retiring Republican U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith and facing Republican Chip  Roy. Montoya and Republican Steve Allison each hope to claim the office  held by departing Dist. 121 Representative and Texas House Speaker Joe  Strauss. 

Kling hopes to unseat Texas Senate Dist. 25 incumbent Donna  Campbell. Collier says local Democrats have intently been watching early voting numbers, as well as exit poll n.  

“We’ve  been watching the data from all of the counties in terms of the turnout  numbers, and they’re up,” Collier says. “Texans are engaged. They have a  point of view as to what they want out of their political leaders.  “They’re  coming to the polls. We don’t quite yet know whether they’re coming for  Democrats or Republicans – that’s the beauty of democracy,” Collier  says. 

“The  good Democrats in Bexar County have been campaigning very hard, working  as a team, elected officials and candidates. We all know each other and  we like each other and we’re very passionate about what we’re doing,”  Collier adds. 

Bexar  County Republican Party Spokesman George Rodriguez says after wrapping  up phone banking last evening, campaign workers and volunteers will  converge on area polling sites for “last-minute efforts to get signs up  at the polling places, and to organize the pollsters who are going to be  at the polling places to encourage folks as they come in, to pass out  leaflets and flyers,” 

Rodriguez  says early-voter exit polling data he’s seen points toward a GOP  cushion against large numbers of Democrats turning out to vote today. 

“We  feel that that will be the trend and we feel confident that that will  carry us to victory,” Says Rodriguez. “

We are expecting a red wave  across the nation so, hopefully, we’ll have a lot to celebrate about.  We’re very optimistic about it.”  

 Polling site across Texas close at 7 p.m. and, locally, last-minute voters at some voting sites could be greeted by long lines.


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