Disturbance on NW Side Greenway Trail Leads to Stabbing Death

A 20 year old woman was stabbed to death this morning on the Leon Creek Greenway hiking and biking trail near Timberhill, behind Ingram Park Mall on the northwest side, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"This is a complicated story," Police Chief Bill McManus said.

He said three women were on the trail when police arrived, and two men were also waiting for police to arrived.  All of them were 'known to each other.'

"The victim had been stabbed multiple times, and I am not talking about two or three times," McManus said.

He says the two other women were not hurt.

"This was not a robbery, this was not a sexual assault, we don't believe this is a random attack," he said.  "This was not a random attack."

He said he doesn't want people to think there is a killer roaming the hiking trails attacking people, because that isn't the case.

"From what I heard in the park, the stories do not add up, by any stretch."

He says the people were not jogging or not exercising.

Police say all four people have been taken downtown to police headquarters for questioning.

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