Sheriff: Halloween a Great Time to Check up on Sex Offenders Near You

You've got your candy and costumes for the kids, but there's one more thing that law enforcement wants you to do to get ready for Halloween, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar says now is a good time to check the sex offender registry to make sure there are none on your trick-or-treating route.  

"The sex offenders don’t have a neon sign on their house, so prepare for the worst, expect the best and have a good time," he explains

There are 3,555 registered sex offenders living in Bexar County.  At a ratio of 420-to-1, it's unlikely that you'll run across one Wednesday night.  But Sheriff Salazar says it can't hurt to click through the DPS website, which has a search tool.

As for the sex offenders themselves, they'll be on a tight leash on Halloween night.

"We've got a whole unit devoted to monitoring sex offenders," Sheriff Salazar says.  "They'll be out looking."

He says the conditions are different for everyone on the registry, but in general, they're not allowed to put out decorations or give out candy.

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