40 World War II Vets Travel from San Antonio to New Orleans

Actor Gary Sinese's 'Soaring Valor Foundation' today too some forty World War II veterans from the San Antonio area, all of whom are in their nineties or older, to New Orleans, so they can tour the National world War II Museum and D-Day museums there, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Higgins Boats used for the D-Day landings were made in New Orleans.

Along with the veterans, the foundation also took several dozen high school students from the Dallas Ft. Worth area along on the trip. 

 The goal...so they can hear the veterans' stories of the war, and preserve that oral tradition for future generations.

Every World War II veterans is living history," the Foundation said.  "Their first person accounts of the war are treasures to be preserved."

So far, 894 veterans and students have participated in this unique program to preserve first person accounts of Americans who fought in World War II

PHOTO: World II vets preparing to board a plane for New Orleans at San Antonio International Airport

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