Top Texas Teacher Now in Running for National Award

By Morgan Montalvo


 A teacher from the suburb of Alamo Heights who recently was named Texas  Teacher of the Year is now in the running for the national title, WOAI  News reports. 

Jeff  Wheatcraft is a STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and  Mathematics instructor at Alamo Heights Junior School. 

He was selected  from among 40 educators earlier this month for state-level recognition, and now will be among more than 50 educators  under consideration for the national award. Wheatcraft  says the selection panel of educators employs holistic performance  standards in making their choices, such as “What you do in a classroom,  but also how you engage your students, interact with them, how you interact with the community, do you do  anything to promote education.” 

The  12-year educator says his STEM classes are not reserved for  university-bound students. Kids who prefer “hands-on” learning and are  eyeing vocational-technical careers are also welcome to be a part of lessons and experiments with real-world application,  including environmental preservation.

 “We’re  trying to see if we can add iron to the oceans to try to help reduce  carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” he says of an upcoming project. 

Wheatcraft  twice has been nominated for national teaching awards.

 President Trump  will announce the next National Teacher of the Year in early 2019.

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