Eight Ghouls Unearthed After Thirty Hours in a Coffin!

Eight daredevils, four men and four women, have been 'resurrected' after spending thirty hours in a coffin at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, as part of the theme parks 30-hour Coffin Challenge, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The eight were forced to endure heat, rain, creepy sounds and tortuous musical selections during their unique experience.  

They were visited by creatures, zombies, and even a bar wielding clown.

For emerging unscathed on the 'other side,' the eight have received prizes including $300 cash, and 2019 Gold season passes to Fiesta Texas.

They were laid to rest at 1 PM Friday, and resurrected at 7PM Saturday night, and the 'walking dead' were set free to enjoy the parks' Fright Fest Halloween spectacular.


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