Rare Lizard Found at Brackenridge Golf Course Reunited With Owner

It turns out the rare South American lizard that was found by a groundskeeper at Brackenridge Golf Course on Wednesday had been stolen from her owner in August, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The owner, an Army veteran who lives near Highland High School on the southeast side, says Dottie was in her cage in the back yard of his home when somebody smashed the cage lock and made off with the Tegu lizard...damaging his fence trying to get away.

When the owner heard from a family member  about the find at Brackenridge, he contacted Animal Control Services, and lizard and man are now reunited.  ACS officials say Dottie 'curled up on the man's chest' when she realized she was back home.

ACS says the owner, who wishes to remain anonymous had been looking for Dottie ever since the theft without result.


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