Six Flags Fiesta Texas Coffin Challenge Puts You in the Box

If being locked in a coffin for thirty hours is your idea of a good time---you're in luck.

 Six--uh--lucky winners will be 'buried' in a 'deluxe, slightly used coffin' at Six Flags Fiesta Texas at 1PM on Friday.  

After that, except for one six minute potty break an hour, they will have to remain inside the coffins for thirty hours until they are 'resurrected Saturday night.

Everybody who successfully completes the first Six Flags Fiesta Texas Coffin Challenge will win $300, as well as 2019 Gold season passes to the park.

Good news...all participants will get meals in bed (in their coffin) and there will be phone chargers in there so everybody can post on social media about their experience.

It's part of Six Flag's annual Halloween season Fright Fest. 

 Last decade, participants were invited to eat cockroaches an other live bugs, so this is an improvement.


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