Council Members Denounce Fire Union Boss' Claims

Two City Council members blasted San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association President Chris Steele, who said in another secretly recorded conversation with union members that they could count on their support of the union's controversial charter change proposals, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

In addition to Greg Brockhouse, who is a long time backer and former political adviser to the union, Steele counted Manny Pelaez, Ana Sandoval, Clayton Perry and Shirley Gonzalez as 'solid' supporters.

I am saddened and disappointed to hear Mr Steele's comments," Pelaez said.. "It is not up for debate that Mr Steele's  campaign of division threatens San Antonio's ability to thrive.. I intend to keep my promise and oppose Mr Steele's campaign."

Sandoval said she has only met Steele once, and that was months before she became a Council member.

"For him to say he has my vote locked up is baseless,"

The union said in a statement that 'the city has had somebody taping our meetings for a year.'

"It has become blatantly obvious that Sheryl Sculley and the special interests that run City Hall play games like that, while potholes go unfixed and Firefighters don't have a contract," the union said.. "Do you need any more proof about who these City Council people actually work for?"

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