Becoming a Bexar Sheriff's Deputy is About to Get a Lot Harder

The Bexar County Sheriff is tightening up the requirements for detention officers, after 21 employees of the Sheriff's Office were arrested so far this year on various charges, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Under restrictions that were approved by the Bexar County Civil Service Commission, nobody who has been arrested for drunk driving, family violence, drug offenses, or assault will even be considered for a job as a jail guard.

The restrictions also include all would-be applicants who have a previous arrest for theft, stalking, crimes of 'moral turpitude' and sex offenses.

Applicants which are veterans must not have violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Sheriff Javier Salazar is also recruiting for a staff psychologist who will interview all applicants and sign off on their fitness to become deputies.

Most of the arrests of detention officers this year have involved drunk driving or family violence.

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