McManus: Shooting on LGBTQ Strip Not Hate Crime

Police Chief Bill McManus says this morning's shooting near an LGBTQ friendly club early today was not a heat crime, and there is not anybody 'targeting' the area, which is known for its rainbow crosswalk, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"After the Pulse shooting in Orlando, SAPD went up there and worked with the clubs in active shooter response," McManus said.  "Last night that training was executed without a flaw."

He says there is 'no fear that this was a targeted shooting.'

"It was an angry patron who probably had too much to drink and was tossed out of one of the clubs," he said.

He says the suspect was upset that he had been ejected from the bar and opened fire wildly.  The three people, two men and a woman, who were shot weren't even customers at the Pegasus bar, they were actually buying tacos at a nearby taco stand.

"He had been thrown out and he came back, and when he came back, that's where the shooting started.

McManus identified the suspect as a man in his forties, and says detectives are actively pursuing the case.

McManus said he had 'not heard' claims that the shooting was prompted by the use of a racial slur.

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