Firefighters Union Head Calls News Conference, Refuses to Answer Questions

San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association President Chris Steele called a news conference in which he vowed that supporters of hte Charter Amendments would address groups in favor of the Amendments, and then he refused to take questions from reporters.

The head of the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association this afternoon delivered a statement in support of the three ballot issues his union has placed on the November ballot, and vowed that supporters will debate the issue before groups and media organizations, but then Chris Steele shut off questions from reporters and left the room, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Steele declined to comment on the tape that was leaked yesterday in which he says the Amendments are a way to put pressure on the City and a vehicle to get long time union backer and former adviser Greg Brockhouse elected mayor in 2019.  

He also declined to comment on why he personally is refusing to participate in debates on the issue.  Several scheduled appearances alongside Mayor Ron Nirenberg have been cancelled because Steele declined to appeal.

After Steele's statement, he let Dave Van Os and Reinette King, both of whom have represented the Approved by Citizens committee at debates in lieu of Steele, make remarks, and both explained why the proposal is a good idea.

As reporters continued to ask Steele questions, he walked out of the back room.

PHOTO: Dave Van Os answers a question as SAPFFA President Chris Steele stands in the background at an afternoon news conference.

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