San Antonio Gas Prices Rising Due to Supply Concerns

This is the time of year when gas prices usually fall.  So why have San Antonio's gas prices risen two cents in the past week?The average price today is $2.54 in San Antonio, according to AAA Texas, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

You can blame the planned sanctions on Iran.  

AAA says concerns about supply shortages when Iranian oil is barred from the global market has led to higher prices, with crude oil prices reaching their highest level since 2014.

Supply shortages due to government dysfunction in Venezuela have also cut into international supplies, helping push prices up.

“This is a time of year when Texans normally see gas prices fall, but concerns about global supply and demand are causing oil prices to increase along with retail gas prices,” said Daniel Armbruster, AAA Texas/AAA New Mexico spokesperson.

San Antonio drivers today are paying 10 cents a gallon more than we were paying in the last week of September of last year.

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