"Safest Driver" Competition Yields a Wealth of Data on City's Road Problems

The City of San Antonio has named the safest drivers in the city, but the high profile search for San Antonio's Safest Driver also revealed hot spots for dangerous driving behavior that the city will now be able to work on improving, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The search for the 'safest driver' including downloading a smart phone app that was able to track things like distracted driving, jackrabbit starts, and speeding, all of which lead to accidents.

Art Reinhardt, Assistant Director of the City's Transportation and  Capital Improvements Department talks about what the contest revealed.

"The top distracted area that we notices was Santa Rosa St. near Cesar Chavez downtown," he said.

Reinhardt says the city will now create a map to depict the locations of the most dangerous streets, crosswalks, and intersections, and they will be the focus of efforts to improve through signage, new design, or stepped up police enforcement.

"We will be getting basically heat maps and we will be able to see the hot spots and see, are there any infrastructure changes or education that we can do in those areas."

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