A Truly Texas Way to Say 'Thank You' for Saving a Life

How's this for a very, very Texas way to say 'thank you.'

In January of this year, Bill Rogers of Austin was diagnosed with terminal liver disease, and he was told that without a transplant he would die, so the University Hospital Transplant Center in San Antonio, which is among the leading live organ donor transplant facilities in the country, placed him on the waiting list along with 13,000 other people.

When no donors emerged. Bill's son Matthew, who is a student at Texas State University, was tested, and was determined to be a suitable donor, so one month ago today, he gave half of his liver to his dad, saving his life.

Today, Bill Rogers said 'thank you' in the best way possible.  With Whataburger!

Bill and the San Antonio based food chain joined to award Matthew free Whataburger for one year.

Matthew said during the process of being tested and donating a portion of his liver, he was unable to eat the Texas staple, and when the company heard about that, it was committed to take action.

Deeanna Rogers, Bill's wife and Matthew's mother, was overwhelmed at the event today celebrating Bill's return to good health, and Matthew's generosity.

"21 years ago I gave you life, and now you have give us life," she said to her son.  "I'm really proud of you, kiddo."

Deeanna also praised the University transplant Center, which is the largest facility in the state and number two in the entire country in live organ transplants.

"It's hard as a mom to let your kid do this," she said.  "Its hard as a wife, but its harder as a mom.  And having them both here in this hospital, this hospital is amazing!"

Dr. Taranjeet Klair, one of the country's most respected live organ transplant surgeon who performed the Rogers' surgery, says live organ transplants are also amazing.  

He says a person who donates a portion of the liver will see the liver regenerate to fill size in two weeks, and the portion of the liver that is transplanted will also regenerate to full size.

Dr. Klair says both father and son are recovering remarkably, and are free to pig out on Whataburger!

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