Controversial Charter Amendments Receive Major Endorsement

A major boost today for those three controversial charter amendments being pushed by the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association, as the Bexar County Democratic Party and several party activist groups threw their support behind the proposals, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"We're going back to the basics of the citizen its time to give the vote back to the citizen," Precinct Chair Juan Hernandez said.  "Its long overdue."

Many of the groups decried the 'greed' at City Hall, and said elected city officials don't listen to the people and its time to 'send a message' and tell City Hall 'who's in charge.'

Hernandez says its a battle between the people and the powerful.

"The power brokers have been doing this for a long time, they have a PAC of $1 million," he said.  "They have the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, they have the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce."

Several business and political leaders have spoken out against the proposals, saying they would throw city government into chaos, and lead to higher property taxes and a lower city bond rating.

The proposals would make it far easier for citizens to circulate petitions to overturn whatever City Council does, from raising CPS Energy bills to removing statues from Travis Park.

It would also cut the salary of future City Managers, and require contract disputes between the City and its public service unions to be settled by binding arbitration, instead of by going to court.

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