Local StartUp Jungle Disk Expands Small Business Cyber Protection Offerings

San Antonio based cyber security start-up Jungle Disk has released the latest version of its small business security suite, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Jungle Disk CEO Bret Piatt says this version addresses several issues that his small business clients, who are the victims of nearly two thirds of all cyber attacks and data outages, have been demanding, including the ability to continue operations during a cyber attack by simply pulling out a new computer.

"You can go run over to the store and buy one of those, and then, with the cloud solution and a safe second copy of your information, you can restore it to your computer and continue working immediately," he said.

Piatt says with many small businesses totally dependent on the Internet, simply storing their data isn't enough, they need to be able to continue working without any down time.

Piatt says Version 3.30 also provides cloud storage in several different cloud based servers, which is important because if an outage hits one server, the data will still be available on the others.

"Even in the event of a data center outage, you will still have access to it, because it will be replicated to multiple facilities," he said.

Piatt says the new Jungle Disk security suite is also fully compliant with all federal laws covering the privacy of health care information, a law called 'HIPAA.'  Many small business clients are doctors offices and other medical firms which are very concerned about the privacy of their patient records.

"Whether its a hack or a natural disaster, lighting strike, utility failure, there are all sorts of things that take data centers off line."

Jungle Disk is a leader in San Antonio's growing tech industry, and is a leading  company in translating the city's cyber-security assets, which are mainly aimed at protecting computer systems for the military and the government, into real world solutions for small business.

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